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Electronic Dancing Fish Toy for Cats

A 30cm
F 30cm
G 30cm
B 30cm
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Cats love toys that act as prey

Cats have wild instincts even though they are a domesticated species, and they love to hunt once in a while. This dancing toy's movements help cats to feel the experience of 'hunting' and 'catching' that helps them to alleviate stress and find happiness.

Soft and comfortable surface perfect for biting and scratching

Biting and scratching give cats great satisfaction as this is similar to how they hunt in the wild. They may be able to fulfill the need to chase with toys like laser pointers, but will not be able to vent their aggression with nothing to sink their claws and teeth into! This results in them sometimes becoming angsty and attacking their siblings/hoomans after playtime. The fish toy helps them to feel the success of hunting, and aids in releasing the pent-up frustration, creating happy cats and happy humans.  

Touch sensor activation

The fish will start dancing once it is activated by touch. There is no hassle of needing to turn it on and off - just leave it on the floor, and when your cats are curious and touch the toy, it will start dancing!

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