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Fur Away Lite



Sick of the fluff and dander clinging to every surface? Tired of buying countless lint rollers? Concerned for the environment but still wanting to get the fur off? Fur Away (Lite) is here to save the day!

Keeps the fur away easily

This roller uses unique bristles which hairs stick to easily - get rid of the fur on any surface in a few passes!

Easy to clean

Simply pop the brush out to remove the fur that's been collected!


Say goodbye to the mountains of trash generated by single-use lint rollers! This roller is reusable, and will keep the fur away for a long, long time. The planet will thank you for creating less waste!

Fur Away Lite brings convenience with its lightweight design

Visit pet cafes or friends with pets with no fear of ending your day looking like Cousin It! Fur Away (Lite) is portable, and can fit into virtually any handbag or purse you choose for the day. If you're looking for something heavy-duty for your home, check out Fur Away Plus in our store!

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