About Us

Our Mascot

Our mascot, Sachi, is a beloved gentle tuxedo cat whose name stems from the Japanese word 幸, which means "lucky". 

Our Origins

Sachi Space is inspired by life after COVID. Our team, after being forced to live and work from home for extended periods, realised the need for quality products that don't break the bank which can help establish happy spaces, be it in the kitchen, small items at the work space, or for our co-workers (our cats). It was excruciating strolling through page after page trying to find good products for the right price, and we decided that we would set up this page of carefully curated products that we ourselves could envision ourselves buying and using, to help cut down on that time for our customers. 

Our Promise

We promise to grow and evolve with the times and your needs.

Our Mission

We hope that the products you find our page can bring as much joy and luck to any space you choose to spruce up, as it has us!