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Retractable Wand

Do you have a 😾🔪naughty cat who shows aggressive behaviors towards humans and other cats?

The best solution is to play more with them! Playing more with cats and draining out their energy will solve all your problems. Keep yourself and your cat safe and happy by using the best tool - a retractable wand! Control where the cat toy goes from a safe distance and watch your cat dance and leap around expanding all their aggression and nerves away! Happy playtime, happy cats, happy humans 😸😸😸


Precision and swing control

With a wand that can extend out, you can have better control with swinging toys for your cat. Length of extension allows you to have a wider swing angle for more dynamic playing which helps cats t get tired faster

Prevents your limbs from being attacked

One of the most common cat owner problems is having feet attacked! With a retractable wand, you can play with your cat with enough distance to react quickly when your cat starts wriggling their butt while staring at your feet or hands!

Multiple options to keep cats entertained

Cats get bored quickly. The wand comes with a hook that you can use to attach any accessory of your choice to so you can keep enjoying the benefit of the wand while keeping the toy new and fresh for your cats. Keeping a rotating cycle of toys will help to get your cats to stay interested.

Space saving

You can store this device easily by retracting the wand. 

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