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Elevated Cat Bowls

1 Bowl - Transparent
2 Bowls - Transparent
1 Bowl - Black
2 Bowls - Black
2 Bowls - Black & Transparent
1 Bowl - White
2 Bowls - White
2 Bowls - Black & White
1 Bowl - Transparent with pink base
2 Bowls - Transparent with pink base
2 Bowls - White & Transparent
1 Bowl - Transparent with arched base
2 Bowls - Transparent with arched base

Does your cat get an upset stomach? Time to get a bowl right for your feline friend!

Healthy posture from angled bowl minimizes vomiting and improves digestion

Placing a flat bowl on the floor is actually a really bad angle for cats while they're eating. Prolonged feeding in this posture can cause indigestion and often results in vomitting.

Our bowl is angled at 15° which is the best ergonomic position for feeding

The angle at which our bowl sits replicates cats' natural feeding positions. Our bowl helps cats to enjoy meals and drinks without feeling any pressure on their neck or stomach. This could help cats to maintain good health for a longer time, and could potentially also increase their appetite once they're not feeling a sore neck!

Anti slip

The non-slip design prevents cats from knocking the bowl over and spilling food and water everywhere!

Easy wash

The bowls are detachable. Simply detach it from the base and wash it! 

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